Felicia Lake

Squire of the Order of Saint Augustine


Solitary, Intelligent, Organized, Magical, Cautious
Mace (d6); HP 12; Armor 1
Close, Near
Special Quality: Divine Shielding


The “Watson” of Solomon & Lake. Felicia is the introvert bookish type and squire of the Order of Saint Augustine. A prodigy in solving cases and knowledge of law. Talking to strangers causes her anxiety and her lack of confidence shows. Cecil Solomon was given the task of training her. Felecia asks good questions, but needs time to muster the courage to ask the questions. Cecil Solomon works to make her more outgoing by mostly observing. She knows of, but has not met Grand Magistrate Absolon IV.

  • Ask Challenging Questions
  • Shield an Ally or Arrestee
  • Heal Minor Wounds

Felicia Lake

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