Jivaire Dubois

Marvelous Merchant


Solitary, Devious, Cautious, Intelligent, Organized
Trusty Knife (b[2d10]); HP 12; Armor 1

Special Quality: Web of Secrets


Jivaire is one of the most powerful merchants in Morze. A small, but highly successful cart always seems to be around when he is needed. Sells various items and also sells information for the right price.

Jivaire is always upbeat and happy to help. Jivaire always is in it for a profit, however.

Secretly a very important leader of the Cult of Xicrexa. Only one or two in existence are aware of this fact.

  • Propose a Business Venture
  • Offer a “Deal”
  • Put on the Appearance of Friendship
  • Put a Plot into Motion

Jivaire Dubois

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