Orfinan a.k.a. "Jasper"

God of the Lost


Solitary, Magical, Devious, Hoarder, Cautious, Planar
Dementation (b[2d10]+4; ignores armor) HP 18 Armor 4
Hand, Close, Near


Special Quality: Insane Enlightenment
Disguised as a homeless man, Orfinan finds peace in being lost and downtrodden. He is generally unassuming, sometimes spouting nonsense. Orfinan does not push his beliefs onto others, but many come to him to support the old man by donating coin or food. When pressed, he will find an item on him that will put the aggressor into a spot.

  • Deliver Visions and Prophecy
  • Present an Interesting Puzzle
  • Get Lost from Himself or Others

Orfinan a.k.a. "Jasper"

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