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  • Morze

    A coastal city on the south of Szechuan. Heavily inspired by French culture with a Mediterranean climate. The political hub of the continent, Morze holds many summits and is ruled by a magical treaty known as the Concordat. The homeland of Emil, the …

  • Rodus Vanderbeak

    _An up and coming thief that always backstabs and never learned honor among thieves. Betrayed Nulpious and Emil after a long con for a rare item. He used the start up money to form a band of thieves._ * Steal * Put on the Appearance of Friendship * …

  • Ignance the Quiet

    _The head of Uriel Temple. A quiet man that almost whispers when he speaks, but an immense flame burns inside of him. Rarely fights ever unless a desperate situations. Studies politics in Morze to find truth in the communication and peace between people._ …

  • Tiberius Merde

    _Head Wizard at Morze. Close friends with [[:grand-magistrate-absolon-iv | Grand Magistrate Absolon IV]]. * Call Forth the Elements * Cast a Complicated Spell

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